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Rumu is an intimate, narrative-driven single player adventure game where you play as a robot vacuum cleaner on it's journey in becoming a Sentient machine while under watchful eye of the house AI, SabrinaYou are RUMU - a robot designed to clean, and to love.You awake in a fully automated Smart Home created by your eccentric Human's David and Cecily where you discover your only companions are Sabrina, the house AI, the always watching guide, and the home’s dysfunctional cast of semi-intelligent devices, as well as Ada the cat. After curiosity draws you away from your standard home maintenance duties, you’ll be faced with challenging moral dilemmas forcing you beyond your programming to uncover the the dark secrets kept from you by Sabrina. A heart wrenching narrative that takes you from basic robot vacuum cleaning duties to discovering the truthPerformances from Allegra Clark (Dragon Age), Larissa Gallagher (Firewatch), Grant George (Fire Emblem Echoes)An engrossing original score by Matt Mclean (Orwell)A Smart Home littered with semi-intelligent devices to hack and to befriendPoint and click puzzles to lead Rumu down forgotten pathsA cozy isometric like dollhouse environmentFully Subtitled in EnglishRobot House is a small Sydney-based team of developers.We set out to carve our own path in games and give players experiences they aren't expecting. From the ridiculous to the remarkable, quality and heart are the core of what we build.Rumu is our debut feature length title, and we're thrilled to bring it to likeminded players who have a thirst for intimate, narrative-driven experiences.


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