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ASH OF WAR™ - Message from CEO"Let's make it for fun, for ourselves" - our first words since we started. Greetings, hope all of you are enjoying your days great. I wrote this, because I want to share something to you that important for me. First of all, let me tell you how it all started. One day, I was playing my console in a known game published by a known company. Game is indie, 2D, about first World War with excellent narrative and art style that made me very sad in the end. Literally, that game inspired me way too much that I decided to create something own. Yes, I have passion to war histories, because my family was strict addicted to the warfare since I was born. "Hey, mate! I have something to do!" - our first step in the idea. I made a call to my buddy, he is an artist. We discussed the idea wisely and he supported me. We were army of two, first concepts have being created. It helped us to hire some enthusiasts who brought their ideas as well. Concept after concept, level after level, idea after idea we were boiling in our process. “ASH OF WAR? What do you think?” - our first thoughts on the project’s name.Yes, not the ashes as you think. “ASH” sounds badass. We created a local in-game squad’s name “ASH” to avoid questions. Fine, we blindly started to create 2D sprites and characters that fit in the project. At that moment we didn’t have powerful programmer and animator to test our sprites and scenes in Unity3D. “It looks cool, keep going mate!” - our first impressions on development process. Not cool at all. Inspiration went away too unexpectedly. We stuck. There were still no animator and programmer to bring our lifeless sprites to life. Finally, we found 2D animator for our sprite characters. New wave of inspiration for all of us. Okay, few animations on our balance. I was searching deeply for a programmer and I found him! “We should make an announce on Greenlight!” - our first mistake was made.Focused as never before, we created few scenes for a demo to capture some screenshots and trailer. We were so close to show off but just for trailer and screenshots. So, we published, I remember how happy we were like we launched a rocket into the space. “What is this shit? Trailer describes nothing!” - our first review on Greenlight. Like a fall into the wet dirt. No worries, we kept strong but difficulties struck a lot in the development progress. Problems with animations, coding arrived in a wrong time when we were demoralised by reviews. It was all summed up and made a crack in our small team. Programmer and animator left us. Army of two, again. “Mate, I can’t take it anymore…” - our first failure. The process was frozen. Our dreams ruined at all. I supported my buddy artist as much as I could do. Anyway he found a job and same was for me. It seemed like the end for our project. I experienced a very strong kind of depression that changed my life completely. “Do you think I stopped?” - our first serious business.Come back of our history like rise from the ashes. I earned some money while I was working and made a tiny budget for us. We united for “ASH OF WAR” again. Hired new animator, new programmer and sound designer that allowed to us promote the project further. New professional level of development came too. Huge changes impacted us as well. We decided to rework some sprites completely and replace 2D sprite characters to 3D, because it’s cheaper with animations. So, a year of development passed away. “Sir, we are landing!” - our first release. I can’t believe we’ve done this. I wrote this personally from my heart and this message is directed to my team too. My appreciation is borderless. Yes, probably I’m bad organiser in some moments but my goal was to let freedom that all of us brought their ideas into the project. For example, we had tasks and I said like “You are an animator, bring your thoughts how they should act in your opinion. I trust your choice, it’s up to you”. It worked and the only thing I’ve got that our team has talented guys who can understand what to do. The road was extremely difficult especially for me and the artist but in the end our dream came true. Thank you, all of you. Sincerely yours,V.B.Über das SpielTwo-Way team schätzt sie und startet sein erstes projekt in der ASH OF WAR™ - franchise.Lass uns anfangen, Das Spiel wurde von realen Ereignissen, Büchern und Chroniken inspiriert. Die Geschichte über eine unruhige Reise eines Mannes. Sie werden bestimmte Situationen erleben, die mit unseren Eltern, Kindern oder sogar Nachbarn in jedem anderen Krieg hätten passieren können. Durch die Augen unseres Helden wirst du seinen Kampf in einem modernen Krieg sehen, mit sich selbst kämpfen.Es geht um den Krieg, nach einem bekannten Terrorakt. Die Situation änderte sich für eine Familie, die Hauptfigur Joe's Familie.Joe war ein junger Spieler, der von Videospielen über Krieg "erzogen" wurde. Als Erwachsener meldete er sich beim Militär und wurde später als Sanitäter in Afghanistan zu einem wahrhaft tapferen Soldaten. Der Unterschied zwischen Spiel und Realität war jedoch wahnsinnig. Joe wurde in schwierigen Umständen gefangen, die sein Leben verändern würden.Welche Umstände? Du wirst sehen. Hauptmerkmale des Spiels: Reiche Geschichte des modernen Krieges mit seiner eigenen Philosophie. Abenteuer basierend auf realen Ereignissen von einigen Kriegsprotokollen und Büchern *. Mehrere Mechaniken wie Action-Szenen, Hit-in-Time, Puzzle, Labyrinth usw. Einzigartiges und gleichzeitig realistisches Leveldesign. In-Game-Relikte, die zusätzliche Geschichten beschreiben. Stilvolle Benutzeroberfläche und Erzählung. Einzigartige handgefertigte Animationen. Original Orchestral Soundtrack, komponiert vom bekannten russischen Komponisten Evgeny Prokhorenko. Und viele andere erfreuliche Details.* (inkl. Lone Survivor von Marcus Luttrell und Black Hawk Down von Mark Bowden)


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